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Taipa Library

English: Taipa Library, Portuguese: Biblioteca da Taipa, Traditional: 氹仔圖書館, Simplified: 氹仔图书馆

The Taipa Library is one of the newer libraries in Macau. Also known as Biblioteca de Taipa, it was opened in September 2015.

It stands out among the other libraries in the country because it boasts of having the biggest public space for its visitors’ use.

Taipa Library, Reading Area, Theatre, Garden, Nursing Room, Hours, Macau

The library is also elegant and stunning, using lots of natural light thanks to the translucent glass on its windows and doors.

There are four major zones within the library: a children’s library, a general reading area, a periodical and newspapers area, and a multimedia room.

Aside from that, it houses several recreational amenities, including a children’s theatre, nursing room, multi-purpose room, and outdoor garden. Visitors who borrow books can also use the book drop device found on the garden level.

The Taipa Library is spacious, with around 400 seats for readers and over 80,000 volumes in its collection. Within that collection are also 23,000 children’s books, making it a wonderful learning destination for adults and the whole family. In addition, they also have 5,300 audio-visual materials to use, 54 newspaper titles to choose from, and over 300 periodicals not just from Macau but from other destinations as well.

The library can be found on the ground floor of the elegant Taipa Central Park building, a multipurpose complex. It’s a well-loved destination for locals who frequent the park for relaxing, but there are numerous amenities for sports and play. Kids can spend hours at either of the two playgrounds at each end of the park, equipped with monkey bars, swings, slides, and animal rides. There is also a swimming pool where you can take a dip during the warmer days.

The Taipa Library and its surrounds are among the country’s most scenic and beautiful library areas.

What is the Taipa Library address?
Parque Central da Taipa,
Rua de Seng Tou, Taipa, Macau

Please visit our website for more information on the Taipa Library.
What are the Taipa Library opening hours?
Mon: 2pm - 12am
Tue - Sun: 8am - 12am

Closed on 1st to 3rd day of Chinese New Year, and at 2pm on Chinese New Year Eve

Please visit our website for more information on the Taipa Library.
What are the Taipa Library entry prices?
What is the Taipa Library phone number?

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