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Chapel of St Francis Xavier

English: Chapel of St Francis Xavier, Portuguese: Capela de São Francisco Xavier, Traditional: 路環聖方濟各聖堂, Simplified: 路环圣方济各圣堂

The Chapel Of St. Francis Xavier is a Catholic church in the Coloane district of Macau.

It was constructed in 1928, following the baroque style of most of the big churches in the country.

Chapel of St Francis Xavier, Mass Times, Schedule, Coloane, Macau

The chapel was named in honour of one of the most renowned missionaries, who was responsible for the influence of Christianity in the East, especially in Japan, India, and China. He passed away in 1552 while on Sanchuan Island.

The church facade is white and cream, featuring a bell tower and oval windows. It’s located behind a monument that pays tribute to a local victory from pirates in 1910. The chapel was home to some of the most important relics for Christians in Asia. These include a bone from the arm of St. Francis Xavier, stored in a silver reliquary. This relic, in particular, was intended to be in Japan, though Macau had to keep it due to religious persecution, and it’s now in St. Joseph’s Church.

The Chapel Of St. Francis Xavier also used to house the remains of 26 priests from Japan and other countries who were persecuted in Nagasaki in 1597, as well as some Japanese Christians who died during the Shimabara Rebellion of 1637. However, these were eventually transferred to the Museum of Sacred Art and Crypt. Facing the church is a large plaza with many restaurants and cafes.

While in Coloane, there are numerous other tourist sights to explore. Here, you will glimpse the traditional life for local Macanese, as it’s home to a fishing village. View the many local shops, vibrant temples, and charming streets. Everything in Coloane can be visited within a day, making it a wonderful trip away from Macau’s city center.

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