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Our Lady of Carmel Church

English: Our Lady of Carmel Church, Portuguese: Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Carmo, Traditional: 嘉模聖母堂, Simplified: 嘉模圣母堂

The Our Lady of Carmel Church is a historic church in Taipa.

It was built in 1888 in a scenic location with a view of the sea and Taipa Village.

Our Lady of Carmel Church, Weekday & Sunday Mass Times, Macau

The church is one of the beautiful examples of neoclassical design, encompassing 2,000 square feet. It can accommodate as many as 200 devotees at a time.

It has been popular for wedding photo shoots because of its scenic surroundings, especially the lovely garden. They hold church services in English, Portuguese, and Cantonese.

The Our Lady of Carmel Church is among the many stunning sights you will see on this side of Taipa. From here, you can head to the Taipa Houses Museum, one of Macau’s most popular heritage sites, comprising five houses constructed in 1921. In its early days, these homes were the residences of renowned Macanese families or senior civil servants, but in 1992, they were acknowledged for their architectural value. The government eventually converted these structures into a museum by 1999.

Another tourist site nearby is the Carmo Hall, also known as Auditorio do Carmo. Once known as the General Electric Bureau of the Island, it was the only power plant to generate electricity for Taipa’s residents. Then, it was converted into a multi-purpose activity centre in Taipa to accommodate numerous cultural and recreational events, which still take place now.

Additionally, the Museum of Taipa and Coloane History is within the vicinity as well. This is where you can find a fascinating collection of displays that tell the story of Coloane and Taipa’s economic and political development through the decades.

These and more await you when you visit Taipa.

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What is the Our Lady of Carmel Church address?
What are the Our Lady of Carmel Church opening hours?
Weekday Masses
Cantonese: 7:30am
English: 6:30pm (except Tuesday)

Anticipated Sunday Masses
English: 6:30pm

Sunday Masses
Cantonese: 7:30am
Cantonese: 8:45am
English: 10am
Portuguese: 11:15am

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What are the Our Lady of Carmel Church entry prices?
What is the Our Lady of Carmel Church phone number?

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