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Tam Kong Festival

English: Tam Kong Festival, Portuguese: Festividade de Tam Kong, Traditional: 譚公誕, Simplified: 谭公诞

The Tam Kong Festival is a vibrant and colourful annual festival in Macau.

It honours the birthday of Tam Kong, also known as the Seafarer’s God, a renowned deity among the fishermen in Macau.

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According to legend, Tam Kong was an orphan during the Qing Dynasty. When he was only 12, he obtained incredible powers to control the weather and heal ill people. Tam Kong and A-Ma, the goddess of seafarers, are two of the most popular local deities, as it’s widely believed they help ensure the safety of fishers while at sea.

The Tam Kong Festival occurs during the fourth Lunar month, celebrated with a vibrant Chinese opera, lively street parades, and traditional offerings. The best place to witness the festivities is at the Tam Kong Temple in Coloane, as the areas around come alive with people in colourful costumes, lion dances, stilt walkers, and much more. The temple itself is historic, having been around since 1862.

There are many breathtaking and dazzling attractions and performances here, with something for all ages to enjoy. Many traditional rituals have been passed down for decades, while others have been added to change the program and attract more people.

The festival also falls on the same day as Buddha’s birthday, which is why it’s one of the most unforgettable times in Macau. Since it’s a public holiday, most office workers and students can take the day off to enjoy the parades. They use this opportunity to dine and celebrate together in the streets from day to night.

The Tam Kong Festival is an incredible event not to be missed in Macau.

What date is the Tam Kong Festival?
What time is the Tam Kong Festival?
8:30am - 6pm

Parade: 10am
Blessing Ceremony: 11:00am
Beer Carnival: 2:30pm

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