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Macau Buses

Using Macau buses is an affordable and convenient way to see the sights.

Proper city planning and infrastructure allow tourists to access several bus services plying the local routes.

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Several free shuttle bus services are already offered around the city, especially by big-name casinos and hotels. However, most of these services are usually exclusively offered to hotel guests, though others are not. Examples of major hotels that offer free shuttle services include Wynn Macau, MGM Macau, Sands Macao, Grand Lisboa Hotel, Waldo Hotel, Holiday Inn, and Sofitel Macao, among others.

There is also the option of taking public Macau buses, which are affordable and air-conditioned. These buses travel around the city with frequent stops in Coloane, Taipa, the Macau Peninsula, and the airport. Remember that many buses follow a one-way route, so it’s best to check the route of a bus at all times before boarding.

Passengers should always have exact change to pay the bus conductor (MOP 6). For tourists who want to take advantage of the low fares of buses, it’s recommended to avail of the Macau Pass, which you can purchase at convenience stores, ports, and piers around town.

The Macau Pass is an electronic contactless smartcard that can be used to pay for all public transportation facilities in Macau. Instead of paying conductors in coins, you can use the Macau Pass. As a bonus, it can also be used to pay for purchases made in some vending machines and convenience stores.

When mapping out your travels around Macau, remember that peak and rush hours will mean more traffic and full buses, just like everywhere else.

Macao buses provide a safe, convenient, and cheap way to get around town.

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