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Macau Pass

English: Macau Pass, Traditional: 澳門通, Simplified: 澳门通

The Macau Pass provides locals and visitors a convenient way to pay for public transportation and numerous services and shops around the country.

Formerly known as the Transmac IC Card, the Macau Pass is a contactless smartcard that can be used in place of cash.

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Several modes of public transportation accept the pass, which is available in a physical card form. It’s widely used to pay for bus rides, and using the card instead of paying cash also entitles the card owner to a discount. It is convenient, but paying with the card saves you time.

Express buses normally cost MOP$ 4 per ride, but with the card, one only pays MOP$ 3. The Macau Light Rapid Transit, public car parks, vending machines, select supermarkets, and convenience stores also accept the card as payment.

Four main types of Macau Pass cards are available, designed for various age groups. For children and students, this is a sky-blue card, while for the elderly, it’s a pink card. Adult cards are green, while personalised cards are available as well. The Second Generation card is already available for an initial cost of MOP$ 130, which already includes a stored value of MOP$100 plus a MOP$30 card fee.

Users can top up the card as much as MOP$ 1,000 at a time, though the minimum top-up rate is MOP$ 50. For tourists who aren’t able to use the full value purchased for the card, a refund is available at any of the Macau Pass Customer Service Centers; just be sure to bring your original ID as well as the card along with you.

When you do have the pass, be sure to take good care of it by preventing scratches; treat it the same way you would a credit card.

The Macau Pass makes travelling around Macau and paying for goods and services so efficient.

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What is the Macau Pass address?
Edificio Centro Comercial Cheng Feng,
Alameda Dr. Carlos D' Assumpção, Macau, Macau

Please visit our website for more information on the Macau Pass.
What are the Macau Pass entry prices?
The Second Generation Purchased Version of Macau Pass Card costs MOP $130, including MOP$ 100 initial stored value and $30 card fee.

Except for the specially stated Macau Pass Card, the maximum top up value in the Macau Pass Card is MOP$ 1,000 and the minimum is MOP$ 50

Please visit our website for more information on the Macau Pass.
What is the Macau Pass phone number?

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