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Zhuhai To Macau

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Both tourists and business travellers alike frequent the Zhuhai to Macau route.

Thankfully, there are numerous transportation options that passengers can choose from.

Zhuhai To Macau By Bus, Ferry, Car, Border Crossing, Bridge, Distance

The most efficient way is to book a flight. Several connecting flights depart from Zhuhai Airport in mainland China to Macau; these are operated by Xiamen Air, Air Macau, China Eastern, and Sichuan Airlines, to name a few. It might be more costly, and it takes anywhere from 6 to almost 10 hours each way because these are connecting flights.

Alternatively, from the Zhuhai Airport, one can take an express bus directly to Studio City or The Venetian in Macau, with the whole trip taking around 80 minutes.

Ferries are a popular and convenient way to travel from Zhuhai to Macau. Passengers can buy ferry tickets at the Wanzai Wharf, which has ferry services directly to the Macau Inner Harbour Ferry Terminal. There are several trips throughout the day, starting at 8:15am through 4:30pm, with boats leaving every 15 to 30 minutes.

Additionally, a city bus is the cheapest option for this route. Several bus lines take passengers from downtown Zhuhai, though they must pass through the ports first – either Gongbei Port or the Hengqin Port. After passing through the port, the buses cross the border and enter Macau directly.

Because Zhuhai is the primary gateway for travellers between Guangzhou and anywhere else in the Chinese mainland to Macau, this is an important route for leisure and business travellers. However, all travellers entering Macau from Zhuhai must hold a valid passport and other necessary travel documents.

With the many options available to travel from Zhuhai to Macau, you can always choose one based on your budget and time.

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