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Gongbei Port of Entry

English: Gongbei Port of Entry, Portuguese: Portas do Cerco, Traditional: 拱北口岸, Simplified: 拱北口岸

The Gongbei Port of Entry is a customs and immigration checkpoint in Zhuhai, mainland China.

It’s located right on the border of Macau, serving both travellers leaving and entering mainland China.

Gongbei Port of Entry, Customs & Immigration Checkpoint, Zhuhai – Macau

It is mandatory for travellers who are entering Macau from China to make a stop at the port to provide the necessary documents to immigration and customs authorities. The process is generally convenient and efficient, as the officers are quick. While most people merely pass through the port, for first-time visitors to this area, you may want to explore and shop before heading to the other side.

Several stalls and restaurants serve visitors delicious food in and around the Gongbei Port of Entry. You can also check out the Gong Bei Port Plaza, a large shopping complex near the port. It houses an array of stalls and tenants that provide various products and services, including mobile phone shops and wholesale shopping. In addition, they have numerous affordable dining options. The plaza is a wonderful place to kill time and see something new.

However, if you have more time, why not explore the rest of Zhuhai?  The New Summer Palace is an impressive historical attraction at the foot of the Shilin Mountain. It has all the features of a classical Chinese royal palace complex, complete with a garden building, western features, and other touches unique to the Qing Dynasty. Lush green mountains surround the palace.

If you are travelling with children, spend some time at the Zhuhai Seaside Park or the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, full of stunning attractions and activities for the whole family.

Passing through the Gongbei Port of Entry is an opportunity to see more of Zhuhai’s unique sites.

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