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Macau Boutique Hotels

Macau boutique hotels are a great choice of accommodation for travellers seeking a unique hotel stay.

These hotels are known for their stylish designs, incredible architecture, and great location, so you know you can’t go wrong.

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The Hotel Altira is a popular boutique property in Taipa, loved for its lavish suites with a view of the peninsula and the Chinese mainland. Spend time unwinding in the infinity pool to soak up the best views. Altira’s award-winning spa features an ice fountain, rhassoul treatments, and crystal steam rooms, but don’t miss out on dining in their Michelin-starred restaurant.

The Rocks Hotel has an undeniable Victorian feel thanks to its marvellous architecture, glittering chandeliers, charming floral wallpapers, and elegant curved staircases. It’s located near the main ferry terminal and has sweeping views of the harbour, but what guests love most about it is the antique furniture, gilded bathtubs, and period paintings. After relaxing in the rooms, watch the sunset whilst enjoying a cocktail on the rooftop bar.

Among the many Macau boutique hotels, the Pousada de Coloane is a well-loved choice. Featuring a colonial-style property that dates back to the 1930’s, it has all the elegant old-world trimmings that transport you back in time. In fact, its name, “pousada”, is clearly a Portuguese influence; it translates to the term used for old buildings that were converted into upscale hotels. The Pousada de Coloane has an incredible European design with modern amenities, including an upscale restaurant and swimming pool.

The Caraval Hotel can be spotted a mile away because of its special triangular façade. It’s located near the Camoes Garden and features simple but elegant, cosy rooms. This boutique property is peppered with a hipster vibe that many young travellers love. Check out the on-site restaurant that boasts of superb Singaporean cuisine.

These boutique hotels are among the best choices for accommodations in the country.

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