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Centro Comercial Vong Kam

, Portuguese: Centro Comercial Vong Kam, Traditional: 黃金商塲

The Centro Comercial Vong Kam is a small shopping centre in Macau.

Though it’s a fairly old structure, many tourists still pass by occasionally to have a glimpse and buy some things.

Centro Comercial Vong Kam, Shopping Mall, Stores, Shops, Macau

A few tenants are available here, including a tea house, fruit stalls, and food vendors. The items sold here are affordable, so if you are in the market for cheap but delicious food, you can find it here. The building is located in an area of the city that is close to several dining and shopping establishments, as well as tourist attractions that you can visit.

Some shops are nearby if you want to do more shopping after visiting the Centro Comercial Vong Kam. Miku is a famous bookstore known for its excellent selection of comics up for grabs, making it the ideal place to stop by, especially for comic book lovers.

iSquare is another shop nearby, a popular computer shop where you can find an array of computers and electronic goods at fair prices. When all that shopping gets you hungry, there are an array of restaurants to choose from, too: from fast food to Chinese cuisine and noodle houses, all of these are within easy reach in the area.

When it comes to tourist attractions, one of those in the area is the Lin Fung Buddhist Temple, which was built in 1592 in honour of the Goddess of Mercy, Kun Iam. Through the centuries, the temple was restored and renovated multiple times. During some of its early years, it would host mandarins who came from the Guangdong province, including Commissioner Lin Zexu, who was important for his work stopping the opium trade. There is some gorgeous religious art to be seen here, too.

Stop by the Centro Comercial Vong Kam when exploring the area.

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