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Dra Laurinda M Esparteiro Garden

English: Dra. Laurinda M. Esparteiro Garden, Portuguese: Jardim da Dra. Laurinda M. Esparteiro, Traditional: 氹仔十字花園

The Dra Laurinda M Esparteiro Garden (Jardim da Dra. Laurinda M. Esparteiro) is a stunning public park and garden just below the Taipa Houses Museum and the Carmel Church.

This is a famous destination for hosting amazing flower shows at various times throughout the year.

Dra Laurinda M Esparteiro Garden, Park, Seating, Taipa, Macau

Several regular flower exhibitions are free to visit, so check out the festival calendar. The best times to visit are around the Mid-Autumn Festival, Chinese New Year, and the June Lotus Festival because the events are usually quite grand in scale and breathtaking, to say the least. Aside from flowers in every colour of the rainbow, they also have incredible plant sculptures.

The Dra Laurinda M Esparteiro Garden was built in 1955 and is named after the wife of one of Macau’s former governors. Aside from the amazing plant and flower collection, there are other highlights to discover around the garden, such as the 5 Portuguese villas in mint green. Additionally, there is a pond with several lotus flowers and shaded seating underneath the trees. No matter what time of day you visit, the gardens are relaxing and tranquil. The best way to explore the gardens is simply by following the footpaths which take you around.

While here, it would be a waste not to visit the Taipa Houses Museum since it’s already so close. It’s considered one of Macau’s top cultural and heritage attractions, designed in traditional Portuguese architectural style. Five houses were built in the area in 1921; back then, they served as the home for senior-level civil servants and their families. This is a wonderful place to learn about Macau’s history.

Dra Laurinda M Esparteiro Garden and its peaceful surroundings are the perfect way to spend the day.

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