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Eduardo Marques Garden

English: Eduardo Marques Garden, Portuguese: Largo Eduardo Marques, Traditional: 馬忌士前地, Simplified: 马忌士前地

The Eduardo Marques Garden is a stunning colonial-era destination in Coloane Village.

Though it’s a small site in the neighbourhood, it brings you back in time and instils a sense of tranquillity in the beautiful surroundings.

Eduardo Marques Garden, Flowers, Fountain, Columns, Coloane, Macau

The garden features a memorial column usually surrounded by blooming flower pots. In front of the square are two small fountain pools designed with classical Portuguese-style cobblestones, which add to its colonial elegance. There are some small eateries around the square, too. Visitors can stroll to the promenade or head back to Coloane Village to see more of this quaint neighbourhood.

The Eduardo Marques Garden is close to numerous tourist attractions. One of these is the Kun Iam Temple, one of Macau’s three most ancient temples. This Caodong Buddhist temple is dedicated to Kun Iam and was built around 1627. Though it has been reconstructed several times, it has witnessed many important historical moments, especially during the Qing and Ming dynasties.

The temple has numerous interesting traditional Chinese elements in its design; these include the nine steps in front, symbolising longevity, while the two dragons with pearls on the top are symbols of leadership and strength.

Another wonderful temple to see nearby is the Tam Kung temple, a beautiful temple dedicated to the Taoist god of seafarers. It was constructed in 1862 and is among the temples you will discover during the Memorable Buildings of Coloane heritage walk. During certain times of the year, the Cantonese Opera takes place here. However, Chinese New Year is undoubtedly the most festive time of year to see these temples come alive.

Visiting the Eduardo Marques Garden and the sights around Coloane Village are relaxing ways to spend the day.

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