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Eduardo Marques Square

English: Eduardo Marques Square, Portuguese: Largo Eduardo Marques, Traditional: 馬忌士前地, Simplified: 马忌士前地

The Eduardo Marques Square (Largo Eduardo Marques) is a charming, quaint European square on Coloane’s promenade.

It’s one of the most scenic seaside villages in Macau, definitely a must-see for travellers.

Eduardo Marques Square, History, Garden, Church, Coloane, Macau

From the square, you can check out several tourist attractions. The Chapel of St. Francis Xavier is behind it; this church is one of Coloane Village’s most popular destinations. It was established in 1928 and was designed with a baroque style similar to most of the big churches in Macau. The Chapel of St. Francis Xavier is an iconic church with a yellow facade, and inside it are some notable relics from Asia’s Christian history.

The Eduardo Marques Square is near the stunning Jardim Eduardo Marques, a small but beautiful garden in a European-style setting. It features a memorial column surrounded by flowers and fountain pools.

Some local eateries are around the garden from where you can enjoy delicious snacks. Afterwards, you can explore the rest of the promenade or see what lies around the alleys and passageways. The Largo do Bazar is only a few blocks away, and from here, you can discover the Hong Kung Temple; this spot has some park benches where you can relax while kids can play in the open space.

Spending time at the Coloane Children’s Playground is always a great idea for those visiting with kids. This public park has no entrance fees, and there are several entertainment options for kids to have fun outdoors. Meanwhile, parents can get some fresh air and immerse themselves in the picturesque surroundings.

While in this part of Macau, you can also visit other popular attractions, including Hac Sa Beach, Seac Pai Van Park, the A-Ma Cultural Village, and the Macao Giant Panda Pavilion.

Eduardo Marques Square is one of many charming sights to visit in Coloane.

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