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Hac Sa Reservoir Barbecue Park

English: Hac Sa Reservoir Barbecue Park, Portuguese: Parque Natural da Barragem de Hac Sá, Traditional: 黑沙水庫郊野公園

The Hac Sa Reservoir Barbecue Park is a peaceful picnic destination in Macau.

This place is rich in adventure and relaxation opportunities, making it the ideal family getaway.

Hac Sa Reservoir Barbecue Park, Facilities, Seating Toilets, Macau

Though the area is small, it’s packed with thrilling things to do. However, it’s famously become known for being one of the country’s best barbecue and picnic spots. The park already has barbecue facilities, so you can just bring food you can enjoy with family and friends.

After eating, rent one of the paddle boats that will take you out on the reservoir. Alternatively, if you prefer to burn some calories or want to exercise here, several hiking trails take you around lush green landscapes.

The Hac Sa Reservoir Country Park offers many things to look forward to. They occasionally host flower exhibits, so check this out. Aside from that, kids love the grass-skiing too. No matter how old you are, there is something fun to do here for all ages. The suspension bridge above the reservoir is also a great place to take photos. If you have the luxury of time, you can also visit the famous black and yellow sands of Hac Sa Beach and go on a refreshing dip in the sea, which is lovely, especially during the hot summer months.

What makes these areas so attractive to visitors, even locals who come back time and again, is that it feels worlds away from Macau that the rest of the world knows: luxury resorts, glamorous restaurants, fancy casinos, and so much more. Here, you can experience a more unspoiled version of the country that is rich in nature.

The Hac Sa Reservoir Barbecue Park is definitely a must-visit while here.

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