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Hong Kong Observation Wheel

English: Hong Kong Observation Wheel, Traditional: 香港摩天輪, Simplified: 香港摩天轮
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The Hong Kong Observation Wheel is a famous tourist site on the Central Harbourfront.

Whether you visit during the day or night, you will be rewarded with breathtaking views of Tsim Sha Tsui, Victoria Harbour, and Hong Kong Island.

Hong Kong Observation Wheel, Ticket Prices, Hours, Location, Photos

The wheel takes you 60 meters up on each gondola. There are 42 elegant and lavish gondolas, which can accommodate eight passengers. One VIP gondola is available if you feel like treating yourself, too! The VIP gondola is equipped with leather seats and a glass-bottom floor. However, all gondolas are comfortable and are air-conditioned.

Each ride takes around 15 minutes as it slowly takes you around the wheel. It’s particularly magical at night as the views, skyscrapers, and structures light up – all of which you can see comfortably from your ride.

The Hong Kong Observation Wheel is situated in an area known as the AIA Vitality Park, which has many other family-friendly attractions and activities. The Old Timers Dodgem is suitable for kids and adults; vintage-designed bumper cars will have you smiling and laughing as you drive them around.

They also added a stunning Carousel, which is  an iconic feature in any theme park or carnival. The hand-painted horses have been meticulously painted by hand. There may also be some free workshops and classes being held at the hub, so do check them out.

After all that fun has worked up an appetite, the good news is that delicious food is available nearby. The Dock is an on-site stall where you can savour juicy burgers; they also specialise in tasty sandwiches, hotdogs, pancakes, and refreshing slushies. Milk Top Plus serves homemade desserts such as soft-serve ice cream.

The Hong Kong Observation Wheel and nearby attractions make it the perfect destination for a family day out.

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What is the Hong Kong Observation Wheel address?
What are the Hong Kong Observation Wheel opening hours?
Mon - Thu: 12pm - 10pm
Fri - Sun: 11am - 11pm (and public holidays & public holiday eves)

Final rides at 9:30pm/10:30pm

Please visit our website for more information on the Hong Kong Observation Wheel.
What are the Hong Kong Observation Wheel entry prices?
Observation Wheel
Adults: HK$20
Children (aged 3-11 years), Seniors, Visitors with Disabilities: HK$10
Children (under 3 years): Free
Private Gondola: HK$$160

Special Packages
Carousel only: HK$30
Mixed Combo: Wheel and Carousel
Adult: HK$40
Children: HK$$30

Please visit our website for more information on the Hong Kong Observation Wheel.
What is the Hong Kong Observation Wheel phone number?

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