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House at No 6 Avenida da Republica

English: House at No 6 Avenida da Republica, Portuguese: Casa Na Avenida Da Republica No 6, Traditional: 民國大馬路6號房屋

House at No 6 Avenida da Republica is an architectural point of interest and historical attraction in Macau.

Also known as Casa na Avenida da Republica, No. 6, this house has been around since the early 20th century and is particularly interesting architecturally because it uses several architectural styles in one building.

House at No 6 Avenida da Republica, History, Address, Macau

Traditional Portuguese influences are evident in the motifs featuring glazed ceramic tiles, though there are also aspects of Classical architecture in the fan-shaped windows and traditional columns. Other notable features are the sloping rooftop, the pink facade with white lines, and the decorated entrance. It’s such a picturesque structure; you can take many photos of it by the facade.

House at No 6 Avenida da Republica is one of many attractions in this area of Macau. A few minutes away, you’ll find the Nam Van Lake Nautical Centre, inaugurated in 2005. This scenic lake side establishment stores a wide array of onshore amenities, and the Sports Bureau manages it. Among the many water sports they host here are the international dragon boat races, attracting thousands of tourists annually. In addition, occasional carnivals and numerous recreational activities also occur here.

Another historical site nearby is the Barra Fort, established in 1627 to protect Macau’s inner harbour from Dutch invasions. Since it was only used once, the canons were traded for rice to feed refugees of the war. The remaining ruins were converted into a beautiful hotel today, the Posada de Sao Tiago.

For more history and heritage, visit the Mandarin’s House, a stunning and elegant residential complex once the residence of Zheng Guanying, a late Qing reformist and theoretician who lived from 1842 to 1921. The complex is 4,000 square meters large and is one of the biggest family homes in Macau.

House at No 6 Avenida da Republica and its surrounding attractions offer much to explore for history enthusiasts.

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