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Lilau Square

English: Lilau Square, Portuguese: Largo de Lilau, Traditional: 亞婆井前地

Lilau Square (Largo de Lilau) is a beautiful, historic square in Macau.

This is one of the oldest suburbs that served as the residence of the Portuguese, which is evident in the Mediterranean designs and Art Deco influences.

Lilau Square, Natural Spring Water Fountain, Shop, History, Macau

Also known as Largo de Lilau, this destination is a prime example of east-meets-west in urban and architectural design. It’s a small area that visitors only need to explore for a few minutes on foot, though there are many picturesque sights to appreciate here.

There are many fusions to watch for – aside from Eastern and Western heritage, both the old and new are side by side. Some highlights in the square include the small fountain at the back, charming alleys, and benches in a quaint, quiet area underneath the trees.

There is also a legend surrounding Lilau Square; it was once said that when you drink the waters from its fountain, then you will never forget Macau. Whether that is true or not remains to be seen, but surely the beauty of this square will stay with you for years after your visit.

Afterwards, check out Mandarin’s House, a famous residential complex with a long, colourful history. It’s the biggest example of an ancient Chinese residential complex, complete with all the traditional elements of a Guangdong home.

If you visit Macau with children, take them to the nearby Parque Infantil Do Chunambeiro. This small but lovely children’s park is full of imaginative and fun activities for the little ones. Kids especially enjoy the electric cars for rent here; other attractions include a playground. Once you have finished sightseeing, it’s always a great idea to visit one of the excellent eateries nearby for some authentic Chinese food or perhaps Portuguese cuisine.

Lilau Square is one of Macau’s most stunning squares.

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