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Lotus Bridge

English: Lotus Bridge, Portuguese: Ponte Flor de Lótus, Traditional: 蓮花大橋, Simplified: 莲花大桥

Lotus Bridge, which connects the reclamation area of Cotai in Macau to the Hengqin Island of Zhuhai in China, is a unique attraction and feat of engineering.

It has a fascinating story behind it, which makes it worth visiting, especially for first-timers.

Lotus Bridge, Macau To Zhuhai, China Border Crossing, Length

The bridge is 30 meters wide and 1.78 kilometres long, costing RMB 200 million to construct. It was completed in 1999 and designed to solve the problem of those crossing the border since Macau has a left-side driving rule while mainland China has a right-side driving rule. To solve this issue, the engineers devised an unusual solution in the form of three lanes in each direction so that both left and right-side drivers can be accommodated without hassle.

The Lotus Bridge is also conveniently located just 5 miles away from the Macau International Airport. This makes it much more efficient for travellers to cross the border whenever needed.

Though it’s not a typical tourist attraction, it’s an important landmark, and it makes for a beautiful view at night due to its unique shape. From here, you can access many popular attractions in Cotai, which is renowned for its numerous luxury casino resorts.

The top casino resorts include The Venetian, City of Dreams, Wynn Palace, Studio City, and the MGM Grand. This is a wonderful place to enjoy luxurious amenities, whether hotels, entertainment, shopping, dining, or casinos.

The Giant Panda Pavilion is highly recommended if you visit with children. It houses many giant pandas and even some monkeys, though the mornings are the best time to go since they are most active.

The Lotus Bridge is a top landmark you should see at least once.

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