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Lou Kau Mansion

English: Lou Kau Mansion, Portuguese: Casa de Lou Kau, Traditional: 盧家大屋, Simplified: 卢家大屋

The Lou Kau Mansion is a special historical and heritage house in Macau.

It was once the home of a renowned Chinese merchant who owned many important properties around the city.

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Lou Kau relocated to Macau in 1857 after he had lost his parents and had been poor for most of his life. Upon arrival, he began working in currency exchange and eventually established the Pou Hong Money Changer. After many years, he became wealthy, and this house was where he spent his life in the country.

It’s believed that the mansion was constructed in 1889. It has two floors and has a traditional courtyard house made of grey bricks. One of its many interesting features is that its architectural design is predominantly Chinese but with some Western elements.

The facade has a recessed entrance which gives the added benefit of protection from the weather thanks to the eave. This is a feature that is typical among houses found in Guangdong during the late Qing dynasty.

There are rooms, patios, utility rooms, halls, and kitchens throughout the property as well as three bays.

The interior design is fascinating to observe, as it has a combination of many beautiful elements, including plasterwork, open work arches, oyster shell windows, Chinese brick carvings, Western false ceilings, stained glass windows, cast iron, and much more.

The mansion is considered one of the best representations of integrating both Western and Chinese architecture, which few residences in Macau possess.

Walk around the mansion to appreciate all these elegant features and the exquisite details, as it gives you a peek into how Lou Kau may have lived.

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Tue - Sun: 10am - 6pm (No admission after 5:30pm)

Closed on Mondays, except public holidays

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