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Maritime Museum Administrative Building

English: Maritime Museum Administrative Building, Portuguese: Edifício Administrativo do Museu Marítimo, Traditional: 海事博物館行政大樓

The Maritime Museum Administrative Building (Edifício Administrativo do Museu Marítimo) is one of Macau’s most underrated tourist attractions.

Also known as Edifício Administrativo do Museu Marítimo, this is a place where visitors can learn valuable insights into the country’s rich maritime history.

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The building is quite old, built in the 1940s, but it has retained much of its colonial charm. The exterior’s deep green colours and white windows lend an old-world feel. Once you step inside, you’ll see numerous ships of the past and learn many stories about the roles they played before and during the wars.

For those who want to delve even deeper into Macau’s maritime history, the nearby Maritime Museum is a great stop afterwards. You will find a modern building that looks like a ship, and inside, on the ground floor, the exhibits are dedicated to showcasing the fishermen’s traditions and way of life back during the early days of South China and Macau.

Visitors will also learn about the various types of ships that were used by fishermen, different fishing methods, and even shellfish, as well as fish species that thrive in the area. An interesting highlight here is the Little A-Ma Theatre, where both adults and kids can appreciate learning about the legends of one of the most famous deities in the country.

The Maritime Museum also houses exhibits related to Maritime Technology and Transport; here, you will learn about traditional tools, modern ships, and even the jetfoils that connect Hong Kong to Macau. Other highlights include a gallery of aquariums and a dragon boat outside the museum.

The nearby Mandarin’s House is a worthy historical attraction worth visiting. This unique destination merges Eastern and Western influences and houses around 60 rooms, enabling visitors to see life during colonial times.

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