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Moorish Barracks

English: Moorish Barracks, Portuguese: Quartel dos Mouros, Traditional: 港務局大樓, Simplified: 港务局大楼

The Moorish Barracks are an incredible attraction located on Barra Hill in Macau.

It was constructed in 1874 to accommodate regiments from Goa, India, who were tasked to add reinforcements for the local police.

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Today, the barracks are well-preserved; they are a reminder of Macau’s close relationships with India since they are considered a sister city, along with Portugal.

The structure is made of stone and bricks, creating a neo-classical design with clear Arabian and Gothic influences. It’s only a one-storey building, though the spacious verandas are 4 meters wide. Meanwhile, the whole structure is surrounded by pointed arches on each side except the side facing the hill.

The three-tier decorations between the arches are other notable features of the Moorish Barracks. Light yellow paint adorns the facade, while other details have been painted white. It’s also interesting to note that it has served as the office of the Macau Port Authority since the 19th century, though it’s now an office of the Maritime and Water Bureau. By 2005, it was included in the World Heritage List.

This is an equally incredible attraction at night as during the day; when the sun goes down, it lights up in colour, creating vibrant silhouettes. Visit this destination, one included in the Historic Centre of Macau.

Nearby, Lilau Square is also worth exploring. This small and quaint square, another part of the UNESCO World Heritage List, has a rich history. It was the first Portuguese-style residence in the country, and today, it still has a natural spring water fountain, which was among the first to supply the city. The colourful buildings surrounding the square have a lovely colonial design, adding to its European feel.

The Moorish Barracks and its surroundings are a lovely way to immerse yourself in local history.

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