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Morrison Chapel

English: Morrison Chapel, Portuguese: Capela Protestante, Traditional: 馬禮遜教堂, Simplified: 马礼逊教堂

The Morrison Chapel is an Anglican church in Macau.

Also known as the Macau Protestant Church, this beautiful place of worship has a history spanning around two hundred years.

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The current church was only built in 1922, though the land where it is located was once a tenement where the British East India Company was situated. They were renting a home here where their printing press was. Dr Robert Morrison, a translator for the British East India Company and a missionary, transferred the land to the British after his wife, Mary, died.

Though there are no exact reasons to know how the Morrison Chapel came to be, what else occurred before or what else it was used for, due to the fact that ants destroyed records. Today, they are a renowned international Anglican church and a member of the Anglican Missionary Area of Macau.

Visitors and parishioners keen on joining their services may join Sunday worship, which takes place at 9am. It’s a traditional high Anglican Eucharist that entails sung responses and hymns.

The area that the church is located in is surrounded by other heritage attractions that you may want to visit afterwards. Here, you will find the Camoes Garden, one of the country’s oldest parks. Spanning an almost 20,000 square meters area, it offers visitors plenty of space for play and relaxation. It’s surrounded by views of small mountains, flowers, and lush greens, making it a truly zen destination. Winding paths make it easy to explore on foot, and the fountain is one of the highlights where you can take many photos too.

Morrison Chapel is located at Camoes Square in Santo Antonio.

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There are two services on Sunday mornings at 9am at Morrison Chapel

The 9am service at Morrison Chapel is a traditional high Anglican Eucharist with hymns and some sung responses

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