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Sai Van Lake Leisure Area

English: Sai Van Lake Leisure Area, Portuguese: Zona de Lazer do Lago Sai Van, Traditional: 西灣湖休憩區

The Sai Van Lake Leisure Area is a tranquil, open green space where visitors of all ages can exercise and unwind with a view.

It’s a wonderful spot to unwind by the lake.

Sai Van Lake Leisure Area, Badminton & Basketball Court, Macau

If you want to do some outdoor exercises, this spot has several options. The sports amenities include a badminton court, basketball court, and physical training equipment. Meanwhile, there is a playground for the younger ones to spend time in. For visitors who want to relax, there are tables, gazebos, and seats. From here, soak up the views of the lake, Macau Tower, or Sai Van Lake Square.

Avid runners can also take the loop around Sai Van Lake Leisure Area. The loop is 2.6 kilometres long, and the path is pleasantly paved. Many runners favour this trail because of the scenic views, but it’s incredibly picturesque during sunrise.

From here, you can also visit another popular artificial lake called Nam Van Lake, which has its own leisure area where pedal boats may be rented to explore the lake. Some small eateries offer delicious food around the lake perimeter as well. Be sure to check out the art installations around, too.

The Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Centre is a major tourist attraction nearby. Standing 338 meters high, the centre is renowned for its world-class facilities, including conference spaces, shops, restaurants, and entertainment options all in one place. They boast high-speed elevators that take you up to enjoy the views. Be sure to have a meal or two in one of their dining outlets, which offer a range of gastronomic delights, including buffets.

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