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St Francisco Barracks

English: St Francisco Barracks, Portuguese: Quartel de São Francisco, Traditional: 加思欄炮台, Simplified: 加思栏炮台

The St. Francsico Barracks are an old colonial building in neoclassical design, built in 1864.

It was named after a convent that was once located in St. Francisco Garden in the 16th century but was eventually abandoned and turned into a military camp following the reform of the Roman Church.

St Francisco Barracks, History, Old Colonial Building, Macau

This site is historically significant for housing the Portuguese military forces, the Battalion of the First Line. They were brought to Macau to provide extra security in case of an attack from China, though it never happened. One armament found here is a culverin capable of shooting 35-pound iron shots.

Today, it functions as the Security Forces headquarters while providing offices for some of the Police Force, though its pink facade makes for interesting photographs. The lobby of the St. Francisco Barracks features a small gallery where visitors can view photos of the abandoned convent. It also has an exhibit area showcasing some old weaponry and police uniforms.

It’s also interesting to note that the location of the barracks has a battery, which was responsible for sinking one of the warships of the Dutch called the Golias. This area is particularly lovely during the late afternoons as you stroll along this area filled with historical treasures.

Head to the S. Francisco Garden nearby to immerse yourself in nature and beautiful flowers. Notable for being the first public garden of Macau, it was built after the demolishing of the convent; the green areas surrounding it were transformed into a stunning garden thanks to the design prowess of Matias Soares. The garden has many features to admire, including a fountain, a kids’ playground, and two ancient trees. It’s an ideal place to take the family for a day of wholesome fun.

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