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St Lawrences Church

English: St Lawrences Church, Portuguese: Igreja de São Lourenço, Traditional: 聖老楞佐教堂, Simplified: 圣老楞佐教堂

St. Lawrence’s Church is one of Macau’s oldest and most beautiful churches.

The Jesuits were responsible for establishing this church before 1560, though the current structure is the result of reconstruction works done in the 16th century and then again in the 19th century.

St Lawrences Church, History, Weekday & Sunday Mass Times, Macau

The church was built in honour of St. Lawrence, who was considered by the Portuguese to be the patron saint of navigation. Stunning tall palms flank the baroque-style church with a solemn yet majestic ambience with its elegant yellow walls and bell towers on each side. A stone-carved cross can be found in its tiled roof, while intricate droplights enhance the church interiors.

Visitors can have a chance to attend mass at St. Lawrence’s Church. Mass services take place every day, including Sundays, with Cantonese, Portuguese, and English versions available, making it the church of choice for the multicultural community in which it’s located.

Once you have explored this area, you can check out some of the many tourist sites that are just a few minutes away. One is Lilau Square, a charming destination where you can find the Mandarin’s House. It’s also part of the Historic Centre of Macau.

Lilau Square is an elegant Portuguese-style district where there are numerous homes. The natural spring fountain was also the first to supply water to the city. There are many colourful colonial-era buildings here, which add to its charm. Tourists can spend a few hours here, and if you need refreshments from the heat, several kiosks sell food and drinks.

Other landmarks nearby include St. Augustine’s Square, Dom Pedro V Theatre, and the A-Ma Temple. Several eateries and supermarkets can also be found all around the area.

What is the St Lawrences Church address?
Rua de São Lourenço (access from Rua Da Imprensa Nacional)

, Macau, Macau

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What are the St Lawrences Church opening hours?
Mon - Fri: 7am - 6pm
Sat - Sun: 7am - 9pm

Weekday Masses
Moin - Fri
7:30pm: Cantonese

Anticipated Sunday Masses
7:30pm: English

Sunday Masses
7:30am: (Cantonese
9am: (Cantonese
4pm: Cantonese
7:30pm: English

Please visit our website for more information on the St Lawrences Church.
What are the St Lawrences Church entry prices?
What is the St Lawrences Church phone number?

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