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Wallace Fountain

English: Wallace Fountain, Portuguese: A Fonte Wallace , Traditional: 和麗女神噴泉

The Wallace Fountain in Macau features two of the iconic fountains located around the world.

These intricate emerald-green fountains feature four female figures meant to represent Macau’s harmony and well-being.

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The fountains are strategically placed by the Jardim de Sao Francisco and the Rua do Regedonat. These fountains were donated by the Macao Water Supply Co. Ltd. in 2004 and 2005 to increase awareness about the quality of the potable tap water that can be obtained from these fountains. In addition, near each fountain is a plaque commemorating the potable tap water in English, Portuguese, and Chinese.

The Wallace Fountain by Sao Francisco Garden is within a stunning European-style garden, named after the old convent. It’s by a small Chinese pavilion that caters to one of the busiest public libraries in town. Meanwhile, the second fountain is in Taipa’s old village. The history of these fountains dates back to 1872 when they were first installed around Paris.

These fountains are named after Sir Richard Wallace, an Englishman who spent most of his time in Paris. He contributed his own money to ensure Parisians had access to clean drinking water through fountains that have been designed beautifully. It also had an important meaning to society as it was a time of rampant drunkenness around Paris, and Wallace had hoped that access to clean water would reduce it.

His legacy is still alive today through these fountains found not just in Paris and Macau but in other parts of the world. The women in these fountains are called caryatids, which hold up the dome and represent the virtues of sobriety, charity, simplicity, and kindness.

Wallace Fountain is located by the Sao Francisco Garden.

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