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Zhulin Temple

English: Zhulin Temple, Portuguese: Templo de Zhulin, Traditional: 竹林寺

The Zhulin Temple is one of the Buddhist temples in Macau.

It’s one of the newer temples in the area, having been built just in 1991.

Zhulin Temple, History, Garden, Shrines, Courtyard, Fountain, Macau

Even though it’s small and fairly new, this temple is worth a visit. It was constructed honouring the Heavenly King of Medicine, known as Bhaisajyaguru, and the Immortal Buddha Liang and Cundi Bodhisattva. There are features of traditional Buddhist temples, including sacred shrines, a large courtyard, a statue of Kun Iam, and a fountain. It’s a serene place to visit and admire before exploring the nearby tourist sites.

Zhulin Temple is close to other landmarks, including the Lin Kai Temple, an ancient temple built in the 17th century. It’s in Patane, famous for its regular flea markets. There are intricate carvings on the granite walls of the temple’s facade. A massive Chinese lion guards its roof. The Lin Kai Temple is dedicated to the dark-faced god known as Ua Kuong, who offers protection from fires. Other deities honoured here are Favourable Wind Ear and Thousand Li Eye.

Not to be missed is the lovely Lou Lim Ieoc Garden, constructed in the 19th century by a wealthy Chinese merchant. It’s an oasis amid a busy city, providing a sanctuary of peace and tranquillity. Lou Lim Ieoc Garden is one of Macau’s most famous gardens, and for good reason.

Its design is inspired by the iconic Chinese classical garden, the Suzhou Garden. It features a high wall and narrow paths around the landscaped greens, bamboo groves, and a pond with lotus flowers, turtles, and carp. In addition, it also has a zigzag bridge over the pond, which is said to deter evil spirits.

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