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Macau 3 Star Hotels

Macau 3-star hotels are the perfect accommodation option for travellers looking for exquisite stays at a mid-range price.

Numerous choices provide the ideal balance between excellent amenities while still being affordable.

Macau 3 Star Hotels, Cheap Budget Accommodation Booking

The Emperor Hotel in the city centre of Macau is a popular choice, as it’s only a few minutes away from many tourist attractions, including Senado Square, Guia Fortress, and the Macao Museum. All the rooms are elegant and luxuriously designed, though it doesn’t bear a hefty price tag. While they offer basic amenities and facilities, you can be sure that their top-rated reviews give you peace of mind that you’re staying at one of the best hotels in town.

Meanwhile, the Rocks Hotel at the Fisherman’s Wharf offers palatial accommodations while remaining affordable. This is a wonderful hotel situated just 10 minutes away on foot from the Macau-Hong Kong Ferry Terminal. Its rooms are all exquisite, with high-end facilities, large, cosy beds, and much more.

When it comes to 3-star hotels, don’t miss out on the Hotel Metropole. This stylish, modern hotel is close to several of the best tourist attractions. They offer incredible, spacious rooms, and it’s become quite popular for honeymooners and couples because of its romantic ambience.

If you’re looking for a scenic stay, check out the Macau Masters Hotel, located right by the river banks and close to the Inner Harbour which is full of history. It makes you feel like you’re in a pricey hotel, with its carpeted floors and excellent amenities.

The Macau Hotel S, formerly known as the Macau Hotel Sun Sun, is a beautiful 3-star boutique property with charming decorations inspired by travel all around the globe. It’s a great choice for groups of friends who are travelling, as well as couples.

With all these great Macau 3 star hotel choices, you can’t go wrong staying in any of them.

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