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Albergue SCM

English: Albergue SCM, Portuguese: Albergue da Santa Casa da Misericórdia, Traditional: 藝竹苑, Simplified: 艺竹苑

The Albergue SCM is a beautiful cultural and creative zone in the St. Lazarus District of Macau.

Also known as the Albergue de Santa Casa de Misericordia, its Portuguese name, this tranquil destination provides the ideal artistic and cultural respite from Macau’s glitzy casino strip.

Albergue SCM Photos, Courtyard, Art Galleries & Shop, Macau

In the past, the structures served as a refuge for the homeless and poor people who were displaced during World War II. Elderly women were also given sanctuary here. Today, these elegant Portuguese buildings are over a century old, yet their historic charm makes them the perfect place to house numerous creative works.

The romantic and charming ambience makes it a well-loved tourist destination, yet many locals also enjoy frequenting this area to unwind and relax.

Albergue SCM is best known for its fantastic art galleries, and this is also where you will find the studio of Carlos Marreiros, a famous Macanese architect. There is a small shop that displays authentic Portuguese food and wares for sale, such as codfish and sardines in cans, beauty products, soaps, textiles, towels, baskets, and more. This area promotes local arts and culture, so check out the event calendar.

They occasionally hold art workshops, poetry reading sessions, and other exciting events you can partake in while meeting people in the local community.

The enclosed area is also where you will find the St. Lazarus Church, a historic church built from 1557 through 1560. It’s one of Macau’s oldest churches.

A stroll takes you to another tourist spot called the Tap Seac Square, a public complex and the largest public square in the country. Other tourist attractions nearby include the Vintage Market, Collectore, and Lou Lim Ieoc Garden.

Visiting the Albergue SCM should be on your list while in Macau.

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No. 8, Calçada da Igreja de S. Lázaro, Macau, Macau

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