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Coloane Height Park

English: Coloane Height Park, Portuguese: Parque de Merendas do Alto de Coloane, Traditional: 路環山頂公園, Simplified: 路环山顶公园

The Coloane Height Park (Alto de Coloane Park) is on Macau’s highest peak.

It’s 260 square meters large, offers breathtaking views of Hac Sa Beach, and is 170 meters above sea level.

Coloane Height Park, Playground, Gazebo, Facilities, Toilets, Macau

The best way to reach the park is to take the Estrada do Alto de Coloane road in the southern area of Seac Pai Van Park. It will take you to a parking area in the new Recreational Fishing Zone, where you can access the Arboretum. Take the main road to the Coloane Hiking Trail, which leads you to the top of the peak and another car park. Upon reaching the new picnic area, you will see the statue of A-Ma, an impressive statue that is 20 meters high, the crowning jewel of the peak.

When visiting the Alto de Coloane Park, appreciate the tranquil surroundings for at least an hour. Many come here to pay respects to the goddess A-Ma, especially sailors and fishermen. It gets busy during the Chinese New Year and March 23rd, the goddess’s birthday.

The park has a pavilion where you can rest from the sun’s heat and some benches to catch a breath. There is also a small playground where kids can play. Recently, they have added stalls around the palace that sell refreshments, snacks, and souvenirs which come in handy for worshippers and tourists who couldn’t bring their own food.

While in Coloane, check out the other numerous activities and sights. Coloane Village is a quaint place to visit, where you can see how the locals and fishermen live. There are several colourful temples and charming local shops to explore around the village.

The Alto de Coloane Park is a must-visit while in Macau.

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