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Ancient Temple of Kun Iam in Coloane

English: Ancient Temple of Kun Iam in Coloane, Portuguese: Templo antigo de Kun Iam em Coloane, Traditional: 路環觀音古廟, Simplified: 路环观音古庙

The Ancient Temple of Kun Iam in Coloane is a smaller version of Macau’s famous Kun Iam Temple.

You only need around 10 minutes to appreciate this tiny but marvellous temple.

Ancient Temple of Kun Iam in Coloane, Year Built, History, Macau

Don’t miss the small side door that leads to the temple. As you enter, you will pass a garden by a red building. The hall is simple, featuring the shrine, burning incense, and ceremonial drums. There are also some ornate wooden carvings to admire here. The deity is revered by the fishermen, who believe she is powerful and can protect from storms and other natural disasters.

The Kun Iam Temple is one of the many wonders to explore on this side of the country. Many walkable tourist attractions surround it, so you don’t have to go too far to see more. The Tin Hau Temple is nearby; it’s another historical temple worth adding to your itinerary. The Tin Hau Temple was established in 1785, the biggest temple in Coloane. It is part of the Memorable Buildings of Coloane heritage walk, a great way to be introduced to many beautiful old buildings.

The Tam Kung Temple is another highly recommended temple in this area. It was built in 1862 and features a long whalebone within the main temple hall. For those who want to relax after temple hopping, check out the Coloane Children’s Park, which invites you to enjoy the fresh air, sea views, and nature. Wander around the side streets to see charming coffee shops, food stalls, and boutiques.

The Kun Iam Temple in Coloane is located in the back streets close to the Travessa de Caetano and Rua de Estaleiro.

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