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Areia Preta Seaside Park

English: Areia Preta Seaside Park, Portuguese: Parque Marginal da Areia Preta, Traditional: 黑沙環海濱公園

The Areia Preta Seaside Park (Parque Marginal da Areia Preta) is a stunning leisure park in Macau.

It was established in 1999 and has since become one of the well-loved recreation spaces in the area, frequented by visitors of all ages.

Areia Preta Seaside Park, Exercise Equipment, Playground, Macau

The park has a lovely promenade you can walk or bicycle along. The tranquil seascape is inviting, making it a scenic place to wind down, relax, or even run. From here, you can see distant views of Mainland China on a clear day. After strolling along the promenade, check out the stone footpath leading down to a rocky shore.

The Areia Preta Seaside Park and its nearby shoreline make you feel far away from the bustling city and casinos, yet you are still near many leisure facilities. Some amenities in the park include sitting benches, small pavilions, fitness equipment, and resting spaces. You can spend an hour or two here with a packed lunch and refreshments to unwind under the shade while soaking up the sea breeze and the views.

From the park, you can also walk over to another popular leisure space, the Areia Preta Urban Park. It has been around since 2003, and this L-shaped park is filled with facilities especially popular among children. This space has been thoughtfully designed, making you feel like you’re in a lush natural area with vegetation, beautiful trees, and relaxing amenities. It’s equipped with a library, a small soccer pitch, and a footpath that you can take to discover the surrounding area. Between these two parks, you can have a full day of fun with the whole family.

What is the Areia Preta Seaside Park address?
Marginal da Avenida da Ponte da Amizade, Macau, Macau

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