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Art Collection at Wynn Macau

English: Art Collection at Wynn Macau, Traditional: 藝術瑰寶, Simplified: 永藏珍宝

The Art Collection at Wynn Macau is a top destination for art lovers who visit.

Here, you will find a breathtaking collection of pieces from all over the world, including rare antiques and stunning artworks.

Art Collection at Wynn Macau, China Treasure & Sculpture Gallery

The Wynn’s collection stands out because they are among the most beautiful and sought-after, and they do an outstanding job of paying tribute to the heritage of China.

Look above to admire the bar crystal chandelier discovered by Roger Thomas, Wynn’s Design and Development Director, while in Belgium. This 19th-century French chandelier in empire style is made of brilliant Swarovski and Bohemian crystals, sparkling in every angle.

The Cloisonne Camels were selected for the collection because of their majestic grand scale and intricate work. Artists make a cloisonné by soldering on delicate metals such as silver and gold until they form raised patterns while filling up the channels between them using glass or enamel.

When dining at the Wing Lei restaurant at the resort, it’s hard not to notice and appreciate the Crystal Dragon. It’s made out of a whopping 90,000 crystals and 2,400 glass lights that were individually blown, resulting in a shimmering, massive dragon that adorns one side of the restaurant. The dragon is one of the best embodiments of Chinese tradition, and the entire piece weighs over 300kg. Additionally, its head is made entirely out of a single glass cast.

Another highlight is the Emperor on a Journey Tapestry, which tells the story of journeys to China in the 15th and 16th centuries. It was designed for Louis-Auguste de Bourbon, Louis XIV’s eldest son. It’s delicately woven using silk and wool. There is also the Macanese Silk Embroidery, which dates back to around 1760; it’s made from fine satin and embroidered with gold threads to create a lotus, a symbol of perfection and unity in China. Meanwhile, a phoenix was placed around the flower, symbolizing benevolence and goodness in China.

The Art Collection at Wynn Macau should be your number 1 art destination here.

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