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Arts Garden

English: Arts Garden, Portuguese: Jardim das Artes, Traditional: 藝園

The Arts Garden (Jardim das Artes) is a beautiful floral garden at the Avenida da Amizade in Macau, facing the Lisboa and Wynn Hotels.

This public space has many lovely features and amenities, including walking paths flanked by flower beds, statues, sculptures, park benches, and more.

Arts Garden, Playground, Sculptures, Statues, Opening Hours, Macau

In the past, the location once served as a home for the elderly, though eventually, it was transformed into the stunning destination it is today. Around the park, there are some restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, and a bookstore. The paths are a great addition to your walking, jogging, or running route.

The Arts Garden is only a short walking distance to many famous casino resorts. Aside from the Lisboa and Wynn Hotels, other great accommodations nearby include the Ascott, Hotel Star World, Hotel Beverly Plaza, and Fortune Casino, among many others.

If you are interested in diving deeper into Macau’s culture and arts scene, the nearby Macao Museum of Art is worth a visit. The museum is over 10,000 square meters, and 4,000 square meters of it is dedicated to exhibits. It spans five floors with various zones dedicated to displaying traditional Chinese art, special collections, and a gallery.

Meanwhile, the Macao Cultural Centre is another great destination a few minutes away. This iconic avant-garde structure hosts a wide range of art programmes, dramas, and performances throughout the year, so be sure to try and catch a show here. The Macao orchestra also hosts shows here, and given the world-class audio, it makes it a truly memorable event.

Other nearby tourist spots include the Handover Gifts Museum, Kun Iam Statue Waterfront Park, and the Macao Science Centre.

Arts Garden and the nearby attractions have much to offer visitors of all ages.

What is the Arts Garden address?
What are the Arts Garden opening hours?
The section between Praça de Ferreira do Amaral and Rua de Cantão: All Day
Other sections of the Garden: 6am - 12am

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