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Barra Fort

English: Barra Fort, Portuguese: Fortaleza de São Tiago da Barra, Traditional: 媽閣炮臺, Simplified: 妈阁炮台

Barra Fort is a historical attraction in Macau, built in 1629 to protect the bar located at the Inner Harbour entrance from the Dutch invasion.

Though the fort served an important purpose in fortifying the harbour from the Dutch, it was only used once.

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By 1740, a chapel was established in the fort dedicated to the military’s patron saint, St. James. Eventually, the cannons were traded for rice to feed World War II refugees from China and Hong Kong.

Through the years, the fort was gradually demolished to build new roads. By 1976, the Marine Police abandoned it, though the Macau Government Tourist Office converted the fort’s ruins into an inn now known as the Pousada de Sao Tiago.

Today, visitors can admire the Pousada de Sao Tiago when visiting the Barra Fort. The elegant accommodation is styled with Portuguese influences, and the architect even made use of the original walls. It features a fountain, century-old trees, and a restored chapel where you can unwind and relax, even if you aren’t booked for the evening. You may even want to consider staying here for your trip because of its cosy rooms, high-speed WIFI, old-world design, and stunning charm.

Visitors can explore other attractions near the fort that are not far away. The Maritime Museum, situated just across the A-Ma Temple, is exceptional, especially for nautical history enthusiasts and boat lovers. The Gate of Understanding Monument is one of many structures that pay tribute to the friendship between Portugal and China.

Other attractions nearby include the A Lorcha, A-Ma Temple, Henri’s Galley Restaurant, Hotel Ritz, and Restaurante Litoral.

Barra Fort is a top historic sight that all visitors should check out when in Macau.

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