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Barra Square

English: Barra Square, Portuguese: Largo Da Barra, Traditional: 媽閣廟前地, Simplified: 妈阁庙前地

Barra Square (Largo Da Barra) is a popular square in Macau where you can find some of the most iconic tourist sites in the city, including the Maritime Museum, A-Ma Temple, and The Holy House of Mercy.

In addition, visitors can also easily access the seafront from here.

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Also known as Largo Da Barra, this area tends to get extremely busy during festivities. However, the best time to visit is during the Chinese New Year celebrations since many fun activities and experiences occur right here. These include the incredible dragon parade, lion dances, music, and more. But even if you don’t get to visit during a festival, visit the square for the many attractions within the area.

A newly-developed Souvenir Street is found along one of the nearby streets so you can easily shop for beautiful handmade goods and souvenirs.

Barra Square is a must-visit for first-time travellers, so you can see the top tourist sights here. The A-Ma Temple is a sight to behold in its ancient glory, built in 1488 during the Ming Dynasty. The large temple grounds have several features to discover: the Gate Pavilion, Hall of Benevolence, Hall of Guanyin, Prayer Hall, Zhengjiao Chanlin Pavilion, and the Memorial Arch are all notable aspects.

You may also want to visit the Maritime Museum to learn about the rich history of Macau and its association with the sea. It is believed that the spot where the Portuguese first arrived is where the museum is located. Here, you can see several exhibits depicting how fishermen lived, the types of equipment they used, and the many kinds of fish and shellfish they would seek out. Lastly, the Holy House of Mercy is an interesting structure built in 1569. It once served as a medical clinic and orphanage.

Barra Square is located in the southwestern corner of Macau.

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