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Boa Vista Street Park

English: Boa Vista Street Park, Portuguese: Jardim da Rua da Boa Vista

Boa Vista Street Park (Jardim da Rua da Boa Vista) is a small park and kids’ playground near the popular Bishop Mountain.

It’s a quiet and idyllic recreational space in the southern part of the peninsula, where many visitors like to be surrounded by nature.

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The park is equipped with a simple children’s playground, as well as several benches. There are some trees as well that add to the relaxing feel of this place. Adults and the elderly occasionally visit the park to use the outdoor fitness equipment, so if you are looking for a scenic place to exercise, this is highly recommended. The surrounding neighbourhood is also a lovely area for a stroll.

After visiting Boa Vista Street Park, visitors will be delighted that you can easily access other popular tourist spots. A must-visit nearby is the Nam Van Lake Nautical Centre, a large outdoor space that was built to host international water sports, especially dragon boat races. The races take place each June annually, though during the rest of the year, this beautiful destination is also used by athletes for training.

Aside from that, the Nam Van Lake Nautical Centre also hosts several carnivals, festivals, and other activities, including the famous Macao Light Festival.

Not to be missed is the Historic Centre of Macao nearby too, which is a fantastic place to learn about history. This is where you can find the Mandarin’s House, the largest example of architectural heritage, as it was designed with traditional Chinese elements and Western features. The house is 4,000 square meters large, with over 60 rooms to discover.

Boa Vista Street Park and the nearby attractions make for a great excursion.

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