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Camoes Square

English: Camoes Square, Portuguese: Largo de Camões, Traditional: 白鴿巢前地, Simplified: 白鸽巢前地

Camoes Square (Largo de Camões) is a small public square in Macau and outside the oldest park in the country.

This peaceful place is home to some historical monuments and a lovely place to walk around.

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Located right by the Church of Santo Antonio, the park’s main attraction is the large statue and fountain in the middle, surrounded by landscaped greens and trees. You will find the Camoes, where Luis de Camões, a 16th-century Portuguese poet, once lived. The British East India Company eventually purchased the house and made it their headquarters.

Camoes Square was declared a World Cultural Heritage site in 2005. Explore the area on foot; head over to the Casa Garden within the area, which was built in 1770. The tranquil grounds have a small fish pond and beautiful plants, a small statue of a Chinese deity, and a statue of Bernardino Senna Fernandes. During the mornings and late afternoons, one can see elderly residents doing their exercise here. Visitors can also check out the Protestant Cemetery from here, which is along the side of the Camoes garden.

The Pak Tai Temple is in the area as well. It’s a popular temple in the area, with a colourful history dating back to 1844. Inside is a small prayer pavilion where worshippers can place their offerings to the deity Pak Tai. There are many typical features within the temple, such as the religious figurines of Pak Tai and other deities. Other features include the incense coils, festival lanterns, and more. The temple hosts some performances occasionally, including Cantonese operas.

Tourists can rent a bicycle across the temple, which is also a convenient way to see the sights.

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