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Carmo Fair

English: Carmo Fair, Portuguese: Feira do Carmo, Traditional: 嘉模墟, Simplified: 嘉模墟

The Carmo Fair (Feira do Carmo) is a beautiful shaded pavilion at the Rua do Cunha in Macau.

If you find yourself in this area, this is a great place to relax or rest before you continue exploring for the day.

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There are 10 Roman-style pillars that support the shelter, giving it a European feel. However, it was constructed using traditional Chinese styles, so its design truly fuses the East and West.

In earlier times, this destination was used for social and trading purposes, and today, it has become a popular rest stop, though numerous small shops are located around it. Occasionally, it’s also used to showcase art exhibits and bazaars.

The Carmo Fair is close to many tourist attractions, especially the food and street markets in Rua do Cunha. Be sure to bring your appetite and taste your way through the streets.

Next, check out Taipa Village. This is the best destination to experience the authentic side of Macau; it’s so culturally diverse yet is home to numerous heritage attractions where visitors can feel like they are in another era completely. It’s a quaint and peaceful destination compared to the ritzy hotels and casinos of Cotai.

Here, you can discover many charming markets, Portuguese-style buildings, colonial homes, and ancient temples. The traditional Chinese lamps that dot the street, street hawkers, and flower baskets remind you that you are in China. The juxtaposition of east and west here gives Taipa Village its charm.

If you’re keen to delve into Macau’s rich history, visit the Museum of Taipa and Coloane History and the Taipa Houses Museum. In addition, there are five beautiful ancient Taoist temples to explore.

Carmo Fair and its surrounding sights make this the perfect place to explore Macau’s culture.

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