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Cheoc Van Barbecue Park

English: Cheoc Van Barbecue Park, Portuguese: Parque de Merendas de Cheoc Van, Traditional: 竹灣燒烤公園, Simplified: 竹湾烧烤公园

The Cheoc Van Barbecue Park is a tranquil garden and recreational venue in Coloane.

This spot is perfect for friends and families looking to escape city life, as it lets you unwind while being close to nature.

Cheoc Van Barbecue Park, Facilities, Address, Coloane, Macau

The park is 4,000 square meters large and was constructed in 1980 by the Forestry and Agricultural Services of Macau. Its facilities include barbecue pits, pathways, and lights for night-time use. The paths here are connected directly to the Coloane Hiking Trail, making it easy and accessible for picnics and hikes. Be sure to make your way down to the hill slope, as from here, you can get the best views of Cheoc Van Beach.

Many visitors from the Cheoc Van Barbecue Park like to spend time in the Cheoc Van Beach. This coastal area is around 5,000 square meters large, a gorgeous white-sand beach at the southern end of Coloane. While here, you can soak up the views of green hills in the back and the sea in front of you. This is a perfect place to watch the sunset, and families can come here to swim, especially during the summer. Lifeguards patrol the beach so you can have that extra peace of mind, especially if you are visiting with small children.

Cheoc Van Beach is famous for water sports, especially sailing and windsurfing. There is a sports centre and changing rooms can be found beside it. Visitors can be as active as they want with water sports here and enjoy total relaxation. There are some small cafes by the sea and shade, thanks to palm trees, where you can chill out with a book.

The Cheoc Van Barbecue Park and nearby attractions are perfect for a family day out.

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