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Cheoc Van Beach

English: Cheoc Van Beach, Portuguese: Praia De Cheoc Van, Traditional: 路環竹灣海灘, Simplified: 竹湾海滩

Cheoc Van Beach is one of Macau’s most famous beaches.

It’s located on a corner of Coloane Island, where sun-seekers and water sports lovers can unwind and enjoy nature.

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This beach is a popular destination throughout the year, and it’s the perfect antidote for getting away from the bright lights of Macau’s casinos and cities. This is where you can taste the slow-paced lifestyle, and there are adequate facilities for all visitors. These include toilets, changing rooms, a public swimming pool, and a snack bar. You can choose to picnic here but there are also several wonderful restaurants by the seaside, which serve up delicious food.

Cheoc Van Beach is a small paradise in Macau, and it’s ideal to visit, especially during the hot summer days. Some lifeguards patrol the beach, but swimming in the pool is also possible. It might be a small city beach, but it’s good for one, considering you are never too far from town. Best of all, it hardly gets crowded, so you can be assured you’ll get some peace and quiet here. If you want to get into hiking, there are no trails by the beach, though the Coloane Hiking Trail is nearby. It’s a scenic stretch and is over 8 kilometres long.

The main trek in the Coloane Hiking Trail connects you to others, so exploring where the side paths take you if you’re up for some adventure is recommended. You’ll be treated to fantastic views and a variety of terrain. There is also the Coloane Fitness Walk, which is 1,225 meters long and takes you around the mountain. It’s a great choice for a leisurely walk, though you can also jog around it.

Cheoc Van Beach and the many activities you can do here and around make it a must-visit in Macau.

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Escadaria da Praia de Cheoc Van, Coloane, Macau

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