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Coloane Childrens Park

English: Coloane Childrens Park, Portuguese: Parque Infantil de Coloane, Traditional: 路環兒童公園

The Coloane Children’s Park (Parque Infantil de Coloane) is a simple playground with fun play and exercise equipment for the young.

Unlike other playgrounds nearby, this park rarely gets busy so it’s a terrific place for parents who want to take their children to a spacious play zone.

Coloane Childrens Park, Playground, Equipment, Address, Macau

The park is always well-maintained thanks to regular cleaning and sanitation. It features slides, swings, and monkey bars, among other play equipment. Meanwhile, parents can relax in the seats and tables provided. You are welcome to bring your own snacks and refreshments to enjoy while the kids play. From here, you can also take the family on a stroll along the seafront road to get some fresh air.

The Coloane Children’s Park is a wonderful place to take the kids as you explore this charming side of Macau. You can also take them to some historical landmarks in the area, one of which is the Tin Hau Temple, constructed around 1763. It’s the oldest temple on Coloane Island, and both young and old visitors will surely appreciate the historical details found in this small temple. It features a wineboat and an antique bell. Tin Hau is one of the most revered deities in the country, especially among fishermen.

There is also the Tam Kung Temple, which was built to honour the god of seafarers. In the main altar, you will see a long whale bone that has been carved to resemble a dragon boat. Take the path on the left side of the main altar, which leads you to the roof; this is a fantastic place to enjoy views of the sea and village.

The Parque Infantil de Coloane is located at Avenida de Cinco de Outubro.

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