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Coloane Library

English: Coloane Library, Portuguese: Biblioteca de Coloane, Traditional: 路環圖書館, Simplified: 路环图书馆

The Coloane Library is a historic heritage building with a rich past. It was initially built in 1911 under the ownership of the Old Town School of Coloane, though by 1983, it was revamped into a library.

It’s considered a Building of Architectural Interest and will surely delight any visitor with a passion for history and architecture.

Coloane Library, Opening Hours, Address, Books, Newspapers, Macau

The library, part of the Macau Public Library System, is full of elegant Portuguese details and antique designs. It’s home to over 7,000 volumes spread out of 170 square meters, and with seats good for 22 people.

Most publications include popular novels, children’s books, magazines, and newspapers. They cover many topics, including world history, China, philosophy, economics, etc. Most books are in Mandarin, though there is also a foreign language section.

The colonial style of the Coloane Library is particularly fascinating, with its yellow facade, green shutters, and six pillars. Outside is a marker indicating the Macau Street Walks by the library, where you can learn more about its history. It has become a popular tourist attraction, especially among bibliophiles or anyone who wants to learn more about Macau’s history. It’s a quiet place to soak up some knowledge, and it’s equipped with Wi-Fi too.

If you want to check out more local libraries, don’t miss out on the Macao Central Library. Its new location is Tap Seac Square, an iconic World Heritage Site. Other notable libraries include the Sir Robert Ho Tung Library and Patane Library.

What is the Coloane Library address?
What are the Coloane Library opening hours?
Mon: 2pm - 8pm
Tue - Sun: 8am - 8pm

Closes at 2pm on Chinese New Year Eve
Closed on Public Holidays

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