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Coloane North-East Trail

English: Coloane North-East Trail, Portuguese: Trilho do Nordeste de Coloane, Traditional: 路環東北步行徑

The Coloane North-East Trail (Trilho do Nordeste de Coloane) is a thrilling hiking and walking trail located on the northeastern section of Coloane Island.

Spanning a distance of 4,290 meters, there are three distinct trails to choose from here.

Coloane North-East Trail, Hiking Map, Fitness, Length, Macau

One trail is the Coloane North-East Hiking Trail, which is 2,680 meters and takes you across various terrains. The Acacia Woods Walk is 810 meters, more relaxing, suitable for leisurely hiking, and takes you around Union Stone Peak. This is where the beautiful Taiwan Acacia trees grow abundantly while overlooking acacia groves. Lastly, the Golf Course Walk is 800 meters long and takes you around Success Peak. Stunning views await you at Golf Course Walk, especially of Ka Ho Hill and the golf course below.

No matter which route you take, the Coloane North-East Trail offers a spectacular experience for fitness and outdoor lovers visiting Macau. It’s a far cry from what the territory is typically known for, which is luxurious casinos and high-end shopping. Bring the kids to commune in nature and learn about the wildlife that grows here. It will be a fun way to get fit or burn off all those Portuguese egg tarts and delicious Chinese food.

For those up for a serious challenge, try the Coloane Trail, an 8.1km loop and one of the longest here. It has long been a favourite of marathon runners, though it’s also perfect for anyone who enjoys long strolls. Other top routes include the Hac Sa Reservoir Family Trail, Taipa Grande Trail, and the Mong Ha Hill Fitness Trail. With all these choices, there’s undoubtedly something for everyone of all fitness and skill levels.

The Coloane North-East Trail is among Macau’s top hiking trails, and for good reason.

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