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Coloane Village Colourful Walls

English: Coloane Village Colourful Walls

The Coloane Village Colourful Walls are a stunning artistic attraction in this quaint village in Macau.

They make lovely backdrops for photographs but are just as beautiful to walk through and see up close.

Coloane Village Colourful Walls, Murals, Artworks, Houses, Macau

The gorgeous artworks have livened up what would otherwise be blank walls, with freshly painted works using bright colours for incredible scenery and street art. As you walk through the historic village, these walls come alive thanks to the works of some very talented artists. The urban art here is unlike anything you’ve ever seen, so bring your camera to capture these artworks.

The Coloane Village Colourful Walls are just one of the many fascinating discoveries you’ll find here. This part of Macau is home to many sites close to nature, historical churches, charming shops and cafes, and old temples. The best way to explore it is on foot, as you walk through the scenic small alleys, pedestrian roads, and colonial buildings; on each corner, you may find a delightful surprise, such as a small café selling delicious European pastries and egg tarts, excellent coffee, and so much more.

It’s a quieter face of Macau that many don’t see aside from the glitzy casinos and luxurious hotels. Still, if off-the-beaten-path destinations appeal, Coloane is highly recommended.

The Chapel of St. Francis Xavier is among the top attractions, built in 1928. It was named after the famous missionary who was pivotal in the spread of Christianity in the East. Then there is the A-Ma Cultural Village, which requires a hike, though it’s worth it. Other notable sights you can include in your itinerary are Hac Sa Beach and Seac Pai Van Park.

The Coloane Village Colourful Walls are one of many lovely sights to see here.

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