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Communications Museum

English: Communications Museum, Portuguese: Museu das Comunicações, Traditional: 通訊博物館, Simplified: 通讯博物馆

The Communications Museum (Museu das Comunicações) is a fantastic museum where visitors can learn all about the long history of Macau in telecommunications.

The building, over 10,000 square feet large, houses an impressive collection of displays and exhibits from which you can learn a great deal.

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This museum is an important educational institution for technological and scientific advances. It’s also part of the Macau Post and Telecommunications Bureau, which was established to promote knowledge of communications through interactive displays.

Since its opening in 2006, the museum has been an important learning place where visitors can have fun. Aside from telecommunications, they also have a unique stamp collection display. The museum always engages with schools and colleges because students of various levels enjoy visiting to learn about communications. They also engage in student camps and competitions.

The Communications Museum has exhibits divided into two major zones; on the ground floor, you can learn about equipment and artefacts related to how communication systems and methods evolved through the decades. Post and stamps were the primary means of communication in the past, so they offer a lot of information on these. Meanwhile, you can find the telecommunications displays on the second and third floors.

Here, you can learn about the history of the Macau Post and Telecommunications Bureau, plus fantastic displays on various communication methods of the past, including electrostatic, electromagnetic, telegraph, broadcasting, direct and alternate current, digital information, and other technologies used to help people get in touch with one another.

It’s interesting to note how challenging it was for people to communicate during the early days – and now we have it so easy with mobile phones and the internet!

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