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Coronet Amazing Museum

English: Coronet Amazing Museum, Traditional: 冠玲瓏鑽石藝術博物館
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The Coronet Amazing Museum is an incredible diamond and jewellery museum in Hong Kong.

It’s the only museum in the world that boasts of possessing 10 Guinness World Records in the jewellery space, so it’s worth a visit.

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The museum, which can be visited on a day trip from Macau, is a thrilling destination for anyone who loves jewellery. Over 10 diamond collections are on display, though the record-holding pieces are not to be missed. They include the Toilet with the Most Diamonds, the Most Valuable Golf Club, the Most Valuable Guitar, and many more. A trip to this museum is breathtaking and dazzling, with all the items on display!

It takes around two hours to see and appreciate all the collections at the Coronet Amazing Museum. Booking a tour guide is highly recommended, as it’s the best way to learn the story behind each piece in detail. You’ll also learn about the origins of various exhibits and so much about diamonds. While diamonds themselves are not uncommon, the rarity of the pieces made up of diamonds makes the whole experience so unique.

Jewellery lovers should note that the museum is located in the Heng Ngai Jewellery Centre in Kowloon, which is close to many jewellery shops. Do browse the nearby jewellers as you might find a bargain. Some of these shops include the Legend Jewellery Co. and Advan Jewelry Limited. The Laguna Mall is also a few minutes away; it’s a popular shopping centre with five floors, and many tenants inside offer a great array of retail options. The mall itself is designed with a Venetian theme, and there are restaurants inside, too.

The Coronet Amazing Museum and the nearby attractions make for the perfect day trip.

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What is the Coronet Amazing Museum address?
Units 8-12, 1/F,
Heng Ngai Jewelry Centre,
4 Hok Yuen St East, Hung Hom, Hong Kong

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