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Dom Pedro V Theatre

English: Dom Pedro V Theatre, Portuguese: Teatro Dom Pedro V, Traditional: 崗頂劇院, Simplified: 岗顶剧院

The D. Pedro V. Theatre (Teatro Dom Pedro V) is a historical cultural venue in Macau’s Largo de Santo Agostinho.

It is among East Asia’s first Western theatres, and today remains a historical landmark while serving the important purpose of showcasing celebrations and various other public events.

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Also known as the Teatro Dom Pedro V, it was established in 1860 by Portuguese locals residing in Macau in order to commemorate Peter V, their king at the time. It was also used to host meetings both for the Macanese and Portuguese people, though, during World War II, it served as a refugee shelter. By 2005, the theatre was recognised for its legacy and heritage and then was added to the Historic Centre of Macau as part of the UNESCO World Heritage List.

When visiting the D. Pedro V. Theatre, one can appreciate its neoclassical architecture and design. For architecture enthusiasts, the romantic influences are a sight to behold; it tells the story of the European influences while perfectly adapting to the Macanese environment.

Among its notable designs are the sage green facade enhanced by dark green shutters and doors and the terracotta roof, which makes a lovely contrast to its surroundings, which are primarily made of yellow historic buildings. Meanwhile, its interiors boast an ancient crystal chandelier, a major highlight of the theatre. The performance hall is well-maintained and boasts spacious and comfortable seats. It can accommodate up to 276 people in rows.

The theatre is widely used for Macau’s performing arts up to the present day, and attending any show here will take you back in time. Some famous shows that have taken place here include the premiere of Madame Butterfly in Asia, a famous Italian opera known worldwide.

If you have a chance to visit and catch a show at the D. Pedro V. Theatre while in Macau, it will surely be worth it.

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