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Dragon of Fortune

English: Dragon of Fortune, Portuguese: Dragão da Fortuna, Traditional: 富貴龍, Simplified: 富贵龙

The Dragon of Fortune is a mesmerising attraction within the Wynn Casino in Macau.

This free entertainment is one that families and visitors of all ages will appreciate, so be sure to stop by.

Dragon of Fortune, Show Times, Duration, Photos, Wynn Macau

The dragon is a renowned symbol in Chinese culture as a symbol of well-being, good fortune, and vitality. You’ll see this majestic exhibition at the rotunda atrium of the resort casino, and it lasts a few minutes.

What makes it incredibly awe-inspiring is imagining all the engineering work that it took to combine state-of-the-art audio and lighting as the dragon emerges from a thick mist and rises to 28 feet high; these effects make it all feel so real as the creature is even equipped with smoke that billows out of its nostrils and glowing eyes. Meanwhile, the Lotus Blossom is another sight to behold as it opens 12 feet wide at the centre of the dragon, revealing a stunning crystal light.

The Dragon of Fortune also has numerous other highlights. The sculpture is embellished using gold leaf and has a base resembling jade. Throughout the performance, grand music accompanies the show. The dragon and the lotus were chosen to pay homage to China’s rich traditions and culture. Be sure to catch it; it plays each day from 10am onwards up to midnight every hour.

The show alternates with the Tree of Prosperity, also at the Wynn Casino. This is another show that combines video, music, and lights to pay tribute to the earth’s four seasons, good luck, and well-being. It features an amazing 11-meter chandelier made with 21,000 glittering crystals. During the show, an 11-meter tree will rise from the floor, with 60 limbs made with over 2,000 branches, while 98,000 leaves are encrusted with 24-karat gold.

The Dragon of Fortune and other free attractions at the Wynn Casino are not to be missed.

What is the Dragon of Fortune address?
What are the Dragon of Fortune opening hours?
10am to midnight, at one hour intervals

Runs for approximately 4 minutes

Please visit our website for more information on the Dragon of Fortune.
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