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Ferrira Amaral Square

English: Ferrira Amaral Square, Portuguese: Praça de Ferreira do Amaral, Traditional: 亞馬喇前地

The Ferrira Amaral Square (Praça de Ferreira do Amaral) is a beautiful outdoor recreation space in Macau.

The area where it is developed is on reclaimed land; it was established to pay tribute to Ferrira Amaral, who previously served as the Macau governor.

Ferrira Amaral Square, Fountains, Statue, Car Park, Elevators, Macau

A bronze statue of the former governor can be found in the plaza, erected in 1940. However, the park underwent a few reconstructions throughout the years so that other features could be added, such as the underground car park. It serves an important part of local transportation efforts as it links the northern, southern, and central parts of the country as well as some of the outer islands.

The Ferrira Amaral Square also has a picturesque leisure area, which attracts locals and visitors looking for a quiet resting spot. Several benches, fountain pools, and cobblestone pavements are around the plaza. From here, you can access the underground passageways that can take you to various destinations around Macau. Alternatively, first-time visitors can also explore the commercial centre here.

A popular attraction just a few minutes away from here is the Nam Van Lake. Recently, the addition of the Anim’Arte Nam Van has attracted even more people to this area; it’s a leisure plaza established by the Macau Government so that talented artisans can display their handmade wares and crafts here.

For those travelling with kids, using the pedal boat on the lake is always a hit. These can be rented for a small price. These areas have so many family-friendly activities that you can enjoy with all ages.

Don’t miss Ferrira Amaral Square and its surrounds during your visit to Macau.

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